Royal Botania Quality Outdoor Furniture

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Royal Botania, for those who adore aesthetically refined outdoor furniture and perfectly designed garden living spaces. Royal Botania creates many ranges of exceptional quality outdoor furniture by blending precision and functionality at the same time as utilising high quality materials such as premium teak.

Royal Botania – this name stands for technologically innovative, versatile outdoor furniture from Belgium. It is courtesy of the allusion to the beauty of botanical gardens and the matching “royal” outdoor furniture the company's founders Kris Van Puyvelde and Frank Boschman meant to create from 1992 on.

In the first couple of years Royal Botania concentrated solely on the production of teak furniture, which quickly brought them great success thanks to excellent processing and fresh designs. The products found delighted customers in many countries worldwide and the label acquired international renown in a minimum of time.

One of the most popular designs by Royal Botania is the stylish Little-L collection including a garden chair, garden table, and sunlounger. The Ninix collection convinces with smart details like the extendable garden table and a practical cushion chest. The O-Zon collection also found enthusiastic followers: The heart piece is the garden table with the large swivelling top – perfect for the entire family or a large group of friends. Other ranges include the Zenhit luxury outdoor suites, Vigor, IXIT, Abondo, Zidiz, Traverse, Discus, XQI and Puriz “traditional” collection.

The outdoor furniture by Royal Botania is of the highest quality and also used on cruise ships, in luxury hotels, and restaurants all over the world. They are all distinguished by a high quality, ergonomics, and thought-through designs – exclusivity all along the line!


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AHNDA, an outdoor lounger with all of the iconic style, ergonomic comfort and luxurious attention to detail that one expects of the finest indoor pieces.

Available in wingback and lounge chair versions, AHNDA strikes you immediately with its open weave, a Dedon signature. Created with weather proof fibre, this ‘transparent upholstery’ conveys a feeling of breezy lightness and consists of three shades of red fibre, giving AHNDA a subtle yet alluring vibrancy.

AHNDA is perfect for curling up, sprawling out or lying back with your feet up. Unique featured cushions, including an embracing backrest and 2-height headrest, ensure luxurious levels of ‘indoor’ comfort, all in a chair designed to resist the harshest of weather conditions.


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MBRACE takes a joyfully unconventional approach to outdoor furniture, bringing DEDON Fibber seating and a solid teak base together for the very first time. The result is an eye-catching, instantly likable collection of chairs that captures the spirit of barefoot luxury while extending the DEDON design language into new territory.

MBRACE fully lives up to the welcoming gesture invoked by its name. One experiences a warm, secure, cocooning feeling when being embraced by the chair’s extra-wide back, especially after a cool dip in the pool. The seat is designed to be invitingly comfortable even late in the season, after MBRACE’s luxurious seat cushions have been stored away.

One of the collection’s most distinctive features is an open, mesh-like weave consisting of three different fibres, each with its own profile and colour, DEDON have developed three unique colourways for the collection — Spice, Pepper and Atlantic.


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The LOU lounge system by DEDON’s represents a return to it’s roots and major step forward. The created collection is so casual, friendly and inviting that one almost fails to notice the architectonic rigor that underlies it. Combining traditional DEDON craftsmanship with innovations in cushions, weave and material mix, LOU takes outdoor lounging to a whole new level. The collection was conceived from the ground up as a series of overlapping horizontal strata, with armrests defined by a subtle relief in the woven structure of the seat. Thanks to a semi-open weave and hidden gliders underneath the modules, the overall design gives an impression of extraordinary lightness, as if the collection consisted of a series of low floating blocks. With its wide range of modules, LOU can be configured for any outdoor setting, no matter how large. A curved module — DEDON’s very first — brings a special twist to the otherwise rectilinear design, allowing for bent, snaking or semi-circular arrangements. When viewed from behind, the curved modules create a landscape-like effect, the curved backsides conveying a protective sense of enclosure.

DEDON researched heavily into foam materials in order to develop LOU’s easy-care, weather-resistant, reversible cushions. Remarkably thin yet incredibly comfortable, the cushions can be quickly picked up and carried inside in case of a sudden shower. During the off-season, their thin shape makes them particularly easy to stack and store. Created from three different profiles of DEDON Fiber in three different shades of gray, LOU’s seemingly random, semi-open weaving pattern has the the look of a light woven textile. When combined with the wide range of material finishes of the LOU tables and accessories, this textile effect helps users to create sophisticated ‘total’ atmospheres. In addition to the modules themselves, LOU includes teak arm trays (which can replace or be combined with arm cushions), rich ceramic tabletops for the footstool modules, a coffee table with solid teak slats for the top, and a powder-coated stainless steel side table thats slides under and overlaps the modules. When all of these elements come together, the results is an outdoor modular system like none before it.


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Quality. It's a word you hear a lot around DEDON. In fact, it's kind of an obsession for the quality outdoor furniture brand. They think about it about it constantly. The quality of the designs, of the fibre and of the weaving – they want nothing more than to deliver the best quality outdoor lounge suites and furniture on the market.

In the fibre production centre, the machines' measure out ingredients down to the microgram, ensuring a consistency that verges on perfection. Not a strand of fibre leaves the facility without meeting our exacting standards of strength, weatherability, colour correctness, consistency and more. Weatherproof, temperature resistant, toxic free, UV stable, fully recyclable, sustainable and exceptional in both look and feel, DEDON Fibre has revolutionized the world of outdoor furniture. But that doesn't mean it can't be improved upon. Inside the research lab, a team of specialists is continually testing new variations on our patented formula in search of new colour ways, new textures and new consistencies, not to mention greater strength, resilience and durability.

Every piece of DEDON furniture embodies the combination of modern technology and century-old craftsmanship that makes DEDON the leaders in quality outdoor furniture. DEDON produces exclusive furniture and accessories including outdoor sun loungers, tables, chairs, outdoor bean bags, patio furniture and outdoor dining suites.

This amazing world renowned furniture brand is exclusively available in Africa from Cane Time, we are outdoor furniture.

EGO Paris

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EGO Paris is a brand reflecting people in their diversity and furthermore their extraordinary freedom to express this diversity. EGO Paris designs and fabricates top line quality outdoor furniture in aluminium offering a range of finishes without comparison, so everyone can make their choice unique and exclusive - embracing the company spirit of "my furniture"

Design serves the individual and should be meaningful. Even before becoming straight or curved lines, EGO Paris models begin life as a concept of living. Warmth, sharing, relaxation and wellbeing are the cornerstones of every Ego Paris creation. Colour is at the heart of the EGO Paris concept. With a broad palette of colours and finishes, with over 300 combinations, you become the final craftsman of your choice, giving reign to your personality.

EGO Paris believes each design should be meaningful to its owner. This brand's furniture is based on the concept of living: warmth, sharing, relaxation and well-being, which are the cornerstones of every EGO Outdoor furniture collection.

The use of fine materials, attention to detail and the haute-couture finish make up the best woven furniture France has to offer. These elements, included in each design, make EGO Paris high end outdoor furniture the ideal choice for the most demanding of outdoor settings as most ranges also tend to offer a weatherproof furniture option.

Colour is at the heart of the EGO Paris concept. With a broad palette of colours and finishes and with over 300 combinations, you have the final artistic authority in designing furniture that suits your personality.

Outdoor Furniture

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Outdoor Furniture is furniture specifically designed for outdoor use. Outdoor Furniture should be totally weatherproof and can withstand the elements. Outdoor Furniture is manufactured from weather-resistant materials such as synthetic fibre, plastic, teak and aluminium which does not rust. There are many companies that manufacture Outdoor Furniture. Quality is always very important as well as a guarantee. Top brands of Outdoor Furniture include Dedon, Royal Botania, Ego Paris, Coast.

Outdoor furniture includes Lounge suites, dining suites, sunloungers and Bean bags. As aesthetically beautiful as indoor furniture is, so is Outdoor Furniture. Outdoor furniture comes in different colours, styles and forms. Lounge suites range from classical to modular. Dining suites have tables that can seat from 2 – 12 people.

Outdoor furniture is also as comfortable as any indoor furniture. In the sunny months, who doesn’t dream of lying on a sunbed or eating dinner outside. Outdoor furniture does not need to be undercover but can live completely outdoors. Outdoor furniture can extend your inside area outside.

Being able to enjoy the outdoors on comfortable, beautiful furniture is a luxury.

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