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Posted on 25 October 2017 - - Facebook

Gervasoni’s NUVOLA EGO Paris creates authentic outdoor masterpieces for tranquil, secluded retreats and for expressing the spirit of conviviality for you and your loved ones. This brand epitomises freedom and diversity and does so through their Kama and Tandem collections

The Kama Collection The Kama outdoor furniture collection has more than an ergonomic appeal - these modern, multi-functional pieces have innovative frames, fabrics and colour palettes. The collection’s smooth curves and re-envisioned cushioning projects modern architecture onto outdoor spaces.

The Tandem Collection Loyal to EGO Paris’ modern thread is their Tandem collection. These uniquely curved pieces are inspired by the French art of outdoor living and the collection’s tandem features are perfect for sharing space and special moments with the ones you love.

Gervasoni’s NUVOLA Embodied in these collections is EGO Paris’ vision to encompass transparency, tolerance, discovery and liberty in outdoor spaces. Cane Time is proud to exclusively distribute EGO Paris collections with the ingenuity and forethought that the brand offers.

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