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The LOU lounge system represents a return to its roots and major step forward. The created collection is so casual, friendly and inviting that one almost fails to notice the architectonic rigor that underlies it. Combining traditional craftsmanship with innovations in cushions, weave and material mix, LOU takes outdoor lounging to a whole new level. The collection was conceived from the ground up as a series of overlapping horizontal strata, with armrests defined by a subtle relief in the woven structure of the seat. Thanks to a semi-open weave and hidden gliders underneath the modules, the overall design gives an impression of extraordinary lightness, as if the collection consisted of a series of low floating blocks. With its wide range of modules, LOU can be configured for any outdoor setting, no matter how large.
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Quality. It's a word you hear a lot around DEDON. In fact, it's kind of an obsession for the quality furniture brand. They think about it about it constantly. The quality of the designs, of the fibre and of the weaving – they want nothing more than to deliver the best quality outdoor lounge suites and furniture on the market.
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EGO Paris

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Is a brand reflecting people in their diversity and furthermore their extraordinary freedom to express this diversity. EGO Paris designs and fabricates top line quality outdoor furniture in aluminium offering a range of finishes without comparison, so everyone can make their choice unique and exclusive - embracing the company spirit of "my furniture"

Design serves the individual and should be meaningful. Even before becoming straight or curved lines, EGO Paris models begin life as a concept of living. Warmth, sharing, relaxation and wellbeing are the cornerstones of every Ego Paris creation. Colour is at the heart of their concept. With a broad palette of colours and finishes, with over 300 combinations, you become the final craftsman of your choice, giving reign to your personality.
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Outdoor Furniture

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This type of furniture is specifically designed for outdoor use. It is totally weatherproof and can withstand the elements. It is manufactured from weather-resistant materials such as synthetic fibre, plastic, teak and aluminium which do not rust. There are many companies that manufacture Outdoor Furniture. Quality is always very important as well as a guarantee. Top brands of include Dedon, Royal Botania, Ego Paris, Coast.
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