Quality Outdoor Furniture - SaccaroQuality Outdoor Furniture - SaccaroQuality Outdoor Furniture - Saccaro

Tradition is our territory. Saccaro has been developing high-quality products for almost 70 years. Throughout that time, the company has always managed to stay true to its roots by combining the art and the sensibility of handicraft to the most modern manufacturing techniques. Today, Saccaro crosses borders with hundreds of pieces designed by talented designers and a brand that is recognized in over 25 countries.

The essence of handicraft and improved design have always been part of Saccaro’s history. That idea combined with aesthetic and balance form the concept of Design Habitat Saccaro. A concept that sets new boundaries for design. Each line, straight or curved, and each shade translate that subtle, almost implied, desire for a better life.

That way, landscapes, forms and textures of Brazil inspire the creation of furniture that combines a wide range of raw materials and innovative technology. The result is a collection of products that make your home unique and special – your true habitat.

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